Fogyni pooch, Részegen balesetezett a kisfiával, több évre rácsok mögé kerülhet a színész - Blikk

Olvasd el - és persze hallgasd is meg -hogyan és miért fogyott le ez a tündéri kiskutya.

nyílt levél a fogyásról test vékony calea serban voda

The now perfectly-formed pooch was one of 16 obese pets chosen to embark on the six month diet and fitness regime run by leading vet charity, PDSA. In total, the pets have lost a combined weight of 57kg 8 stone 9 pounds - roughly equivalent to mince pies, Christmas puddings or 14 turkeys.

Six months on she is now a far healthier 6.

Ruby's waistline started to creep up after she was adopted by owners Angela Martin and Steve Mackem four years ago. Underweight and unloved, she had been found roaming the streets and was taken into a local animal shelter.

bjs fogyás hogyan lehet lefogyni az oldalán

Ruby was welcomed in to the Martin's home and lavished attention - and treats - on her, admitting they 'spoilt her rotten'. Before the competition, Ruby would spend most of the day asleep and any thought of 'walkies' was a big effort, which often left her out of breath. Angela said: "When Ruby first came to us, we all felt really sorry for her as she'd had such a tough start to fogyni pooch.

hogyan lehet a leghamarabb lefogyni távolítsa el a zsírt a csípő körül

So to compensate, we used to give her a little treat here fogyni pooch there. The trouble was, the whole family was giving her 'a little treat' and over time, she started to get really big. Many people fall into the trap of overindulging their pet with food as a way of expressing their love.

fogyás leállt időszak A jó zsírok lefogynak

She is now a much slimmer 4st 2lb 26kg after shedding almost 18 lbs 8kg.